SILVER HELMET PRIZE: Meglab Mexico congratulates the “Centauro Profundo” team

Meglab Mexico congratulates the winning team of the Mexican Chamber of Mines’ safety competition in the category “underground mines with up to 500 workers” for their performance and safety results: the “Centauro Profundo” project team, located at the Minera Penmont facilities, a subsidiary of Fresnillo PLC.

The Silver Helmet prize is the highest award in the Mexican mining industry and has been awarded annually since 1986 to companies and workers with the greatest advances in the safety of their operations.

For “Centauro Profundo” project, this distinction is the result of the efforts made to promote the company’s culture of safety, teamwork and the assumption by each and every one of the responsibility to take care of all workers at all times based on good safety practices.

Meglab Mexico congratulates the “Centauro Profundo” team members for this prestigious award. We are proud of our customers and business partners and this achievement highlights some of our solutions to increase the safety of mining workers.

Meglab Mexico is committed to providing products and services that enable our customers to create a safe, productive and sustainable working environment on all projects.

Photo: Mundo Minero

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