Collision awareness

The large number of mobile equipment at a mine site comes with a risk of collision between two vehicles or between vehicles and workers. The collision awareness system (CAS) offers a safe and reliable solution to prevent this type of incident. It gives the operator a rapid warning (visual and audio), signalling the presence and number of persons and/or vehicles in the proximity with sounds and yellow and red warning lights.

This system is affordable and designed to be autonomous – it works within the IMAGINE system using the communications infrastructure that comes packaged with the tag system throughout the mine.


Meglab’s IMAGINE software uses Time of Flight (TOF) technology, constantly updating software with details about the location of tags within the system by measuring the distance between tags.

When the vehicle is started, a system inside the vehicle reads the operator and passenger tags and checks that the collision avoidance system is functional.
All mine vehicles are equipped with a tag powered by the vehicle’s battery that can detect the presence of another tag in the vicinity (either a worker or another vehicle). Different reaction zones can be programmed in the CAS to emit a different warning to advise of danger within each given reaction zone.


  • Precision and reliability of distances using TOF (Time of Flight) technology;
  • Creation of two different alarms customized to specific needs (yellow, red);
  • Autonomous – The system functions without a server, terminal or network;
  • Continuous verification – An automatic testing system advises the operator of any malfunction;
  • Minimal maintenance – A single antenna extends outside the vehicle. The risk of breakage is therefore as low as possible and maintenance is minimal;
  • Over-the-air updates in real time. Updates are easy to install, and updates can be installed as the software evolves.

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