In the modern mine, worker safety should be of paramount importance. Through tracking, Meglab offers an effective way to know the location of every worker and vehicle at any time. Tracking is the base module of IMAGINE.

• Increases the efficiency of the teams of workers;
• Increases productivity;
• Provides information for producing activity reports.


Through a bidirectional transmitter (tag) affixed to workers’ vehicles and lamps, and using the terminals installed at strategic locations in the mine (underground, at the well, at the entrance to the ramp, on the badge board, etc.), the information is relayed to the server and is accessed via a web platform, which relays the location of all active tags throughout the mine. This web platform can be accessed on a variety of devices, from desktop computers to mobile devices (tablet, smartphone, etc.). The software is user friendly, allowing managers to configure the profile of new users or add equipment with ease.

Vehicles tagboard

Each vehicle is equipped with a tag that identifies the vehicle’s position in the mine. The tagboard interface makes it possible to locate all mobile equipment in the mine and show the availability and status of the fleet of vehicles. It is possible, at a glance, to see if a vehicle is working, out of order, undergoing maintenance, etc. The tags can be programmed to identify details about the vehicles they are affixed to, most importantly the type of engine (diesel, electric, etc.), essential data for improving the efficiency of the ventilation module.

The vehicle location tagboard includes the following information:
• Name or designation;
• Location;
• Energy source;
• Status (available, out of order, etc.)


By monitoring and recording worker movement throughout the system, users can optimize planning of work sequences and spot traffic hangups, increasing productivity.

The information on the location of workers can be consulted using the tagboard interface. The interface is user-friendly and can easily be configured by the user to meet their specific needs. The staff location tagboard shows the following information:
• Name of worker;
• Employment category;
• Location in the mine.


The IMAGINE system can generate customized reports. Two (2) types of reports are offered in the tracking module.

Location (place)
Provides the timestamped movement of workers and/or vehicles for a given place over a given period of time.

Workers and vehicles
Provides a history of the movements of any particular worker or vehicle over a given period of time.


This function is used to add a visual alert to the map to share important information with the teams. The ability to access this informaiton through a single platform accelerates decision-making and reduces lost time. For example, an alert can announce that work is taking place at a specific location to avoid affecting operations. A web link can be included in the note.


The IMAGINE system was created with easy software and component updates in mind. Terminals are automatically updated through the underground telecommunications system.


  • All equipment linked to the IMAGINE system can be updated in real time ;
  • New features can be installed quickly and easily.

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