Our achievements

Beaufor mine
Prototype testing – MicroGuide® PRO Surface Edition

Background Information

Beaufor mine has graciously agreed to allow us to test our remote operation prototype in a real-world setting. After designing and programming our system in the workshop, we were able to test it on a Caterpillar LHD in the galleries of Beaufor mine. The tests confirmed the effectiveness of the system for starting, moving the vehicle forward and backward and for lifting and operating the scoop.

Project Challenges

  • Telecommunication: In order to properly operate remotely, the telecommunication network must be ultra-reliable with very low latency. We were therefore able to test our underground telecommunication networks at the same time.
  • OEM: Our remote operation system is designed so that it can be used on any make of vehicle. In this case, the tests were performed on a Caterpillar-branded machine.


One of our products, the MicroguideTM, already allows remote operation over a short distance. This system is mainly used by underground workers in high-risk areas. Our new remote operation system allows workers to operate vehicles from the surface.

Our antenna system allows the operator to work from the surface. During the prototype test, the vehicle covered a distance of 380 feet with only one antenna installed. The addition of antennas will make it possible to cover greater distances.

Our remote operation solution allows mining companies to be:

  • More efficient
    By continuing to operate even during shift changes or breaks.
  • Safer
    By allowing remote operation in high-risk areas and on unsupported terrain.
  • More versatile
    By accommodating operators who would otherwise be unable to perform this work underground, such as people with reduced mobility, light duty workers or workers located in different geographical regions.

The prototype was controlled with a modified MicroguideTM, but it can also be integrated with a video game controller, for example.


Meglab’s remote operation solution is convenient because it is interchangeable. It can be installed on all types of vehicles, regardless of brand.

Another benefit of working with Meglab is that we function as technology integrators. Beyond simply designing products, we make sure that we support the mining company in the implementation of the technology, from the beginning of the project to the launch.

remote operation control

Active in over 15 countries, Meglab delivers practical and cost-effective solutions to meet the industry challenges.

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