evolving SYSTEM

The system offers a set of modular applications that allow operators and managers to track their KPI’s in real time to achieve their goals. Easy to deploy and simple to use, the system provides access to a wealth of information. As soon as it is implemented, IMAGINE delivers quick results to increase safety and productivity.


Our priorities

Our turnkey solutions increase productivity and security with sustainable development in mind.

Health and safety

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our and yours employees. We ensure a safe and healthy workplace in all our projects and we develop systems that eliminate risks for your teams

Sustainable development

We offer sustainable, reusable solutions, while offering intelligent systems that deliver significant energy savings. Let's develop together greener and more responsible projects.


We offer reliable, high quality products and deliver on time. Our technologies and our commitment aim to optimize the pace of your production while reducing your operating costs.

Our achievements


Meglab was born out of a desire to create high quality jobs, where pride and pleasure are paramount values. It’s the work atmosphere and the sharing of ideas that allow us to think outside the box. Put your creativity to work, join the Meglab family.


We also distribute

Active in over 15 countries, Meglab delivers practical and cost-effective solutions to meet the industry challenges.

As a specialist in mining technologies, the company has developed trustworthy business relationships and became world known for their integrated solutions.


Contact us

The head office

281, 19e rue Val-d'Or
J9P 0L7 (Quebec)

Phone : 819 824-7710 info@meglab.ca


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