Meglab Construction.

Meglab construction is the new division of Meglab Group which aims to diversify activities and consolidate expertise.

Meglab Construction is specialized in electric services and in the development of construction projects in open pit mines, mineral processing facilities, pulp and paper plants and other major industrial projects.

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Who are we?

Inspired by Meglab's values, Meglab Construction focuses optimizing productivity increasing worker safety while developing greener and more environmentally-responsible projects.

Steve Aukstinaitis


Steve is an electromechanical technician and has almost 25 years of experience in the industrial sector. He worked as an electric supervisor and superintendent on major worksites. His experience ranges from the mining industry, forestry industry, to the institutional sector.

T: 877 833-7710 C: 819 277-6040

Daniel Dufresne

General Manager

Daniel is a master electrician and has 20 years of experience in mining and oil worksites. He has, among other things, coordinated the construction of embankment plans, ventilation plans and electric rooms.

T: 819 986-1650 C: 514 588-1184

Our services

Meglab construction offers a varied range of electric and industrial maintenance services.

  • Industrial construction
  • Lineworker services
  • Middle voltage post operation
  • Power cables and middle voltage equipment installations and reparations
  • Low and middle voltage substations preventive maintenance
  • Complete range of electrotechnical services (test, report and analysis)
  • Electrical substation start-ups and commissioning
  • Distribution gear procurement, low and middle voltage
  • Interior and exterior substation
  • Low, middle and high voltage connections to distributors
  • Rental or temporary purchase services
  • 60’ bucket truck and mobile workshop
  • Rental of industrial labour
  • Industrial electricity
  • Instrumentation
  • Programming
  • Millwrighting
  • Welding

Whether for the purpose of project realization or of industrial, commercial, or institutional sector maintenance, our different teams support you from A to Z.

Our expertise

Our expertise is founded on our 20 years experienced leaders.

Whether for the purpose of project realization or of industrial, commercial, or institutional sector maintenance, our different teams offer tailormade service or turnkey projects

  • Plant or complex construction, modernization, expansion, and maintenance:
    – Mining
    – Chemical and petrochemical
    – Industrialization of forest products
    – Pulp and paper
    – Quarries and embakments
    – Mills, crushers and conveyors
    – Metallurgical
    – Electric energy production
    – Ports, airports and rail sector
    – Engineering
  • Low and medium voltage temporary power
  • Private middle voltage, underground and aerial distribution network work
  • Electric room manufacturing and assembling
  • Major worksite supervision
  • Shaft, mills, pumps, conveyors
  • Power house installation
  • Process plant start-up
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Milwrighting
  • Welding

THE Meglab advanatge

Being a part of Meglab Group, Meglab Construction can rely on the knowledge and multidisciplinary of the whole team. Our solutions seek to address operational challenges nowadays businesses encounter

Meglab’s team

What sets us apart is our customer-oriented approach. We listen to our customer’s needs, we are not afraid to innovate to offer the best solution, we are committed we are committed to ensuring that the solution works and we respect our commitments
to deliver on time.

The vast experience of our multidisciplinary team allows us to offer solutions from A to Z, ranging from consulting, to manufacturing, installation and service.

Would you like to see our achievements?

Active in over 15 countries, Meglab delivers practical and cost-effective solutions to meet the industry challenges.

As a specialist in mining technologies, the company has developed trustworthy business relationships and became world known for their integrated solutions.


Contact us

The head office

281, 19e rue Val-d'Or
J9P 0L7 (Quebec)

Phone : 819 824-7710 info@meglab.ca


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