Appointment of Madam Kim Valade as general manager

The members of Meglab’s Board of Directors are pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Kim Valade as General Manager of Meglab. Active within the company for more than 7 years, Ms. Valade is recognized for her human and unifying leadership. She notably managed the sales department and supervised the process standardization activities. In the context of a flourishing company with the addition of subsidiaries and the diversification of activities, Ms. Valade will use her passion for entrepreneurship to constantly innovate towards better business practices. She is a committed manager and involved in various projects both internally and in the community. She is involved in the board of directors of 48e Nord International and the regional investment committee of Femmessor, in addition to collaborating on various projects that promote our region and our mining industry.

“Meglab started as an electronics company. In 2005, when mines were closing their doors, we wanted to keep good jobs in the region, so we added the electric power department. With about ten employees at the beginning, there are now more than 250 in different sectors of activity. Kim is a person with a good overview of the business who works every day to make it grow.”

– Louis Valade, President of Meglab

The inspiration and the foundations behind the creation of the company are source of motivation for her. Driven by a desire to grow this business, Kim believes in the importance of investing in what makes sense and what is important for us. For her, Meglab is defined by a passionate and creative team, which is committed to making a lasting difference both in the industry and in its community.

“I feel privileged to participate in making Meglab grow, to pursue this dream that was once initiated, and to orient our actions towards an offer of integrated solutions while focusing on well-being, quality of life and positive impact on our community. I am part of an inspiring team with which I have the chance to learn, to dare and to take action. In this particular period, it is with great humility and a desire to ensure continuity that I join our passionate team determined to innovate to continue our growth and thus continue to make a difference through our specialized offer and our relationships of trust. “

– Kim Valade, General Manager of Meglab

Always on the lookout for industry trends, this woman of action does not hesitate to challenge her team members to push them through. And every day, she proudly shares the know-how that the company acquires. Concerned about the well-being of each member of the team, she will meet the challenge of general management by constantly innovating to suggest concrete means to ensure that everyone can flourish at work.

Kim Valade

Active in over 15 countries, Meglab delivers practical and cost-effective solutions to meet the industry challenges.

As a specialist in mining technologies, the company has developed trustworthy business relationships and became world known for their integrated solutions.


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